Saturday, December 1, 2007

"Random burglary," My Ass

The big dumb media seized on a new phrase to describe the fatal shooting of Redskins football player Sean Taylor. It had nothing to do with payback for something else in Taylor's life. It was a "random burglary."

I don't know how the media can be so conspicuously dumb. These hoods picked Sean Taylor's house precisely because it was his house. He was a football star with lots of money. They didn't think he'd be home. The Redskins were out of town that weekend. But Taylor had in fact returned home to seek a second opinion about prospective knee surgery. So when he heard the burglars, none of whom was too quiet, he grabbed a machete to protect himself and his girlfriend, whereupon they shot him in the leg, severed a femoral artery, and Sean Taylor bled to death. It was the tragic regrettable death perpetrated by stupid despicable thugs, but there was nothing random about it.

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