Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making Fun of the President Is Half the Fun

KABC radio talk show host Larry Elder is gone after all these years. I liked him a lot in the early years. He got Alan Dershowitz so mad he hung up on him. As time went on, however, he got more dry and quarrelous. I guess it was time for him to leave (probably to a higher calling), though it's always a shock when you see a change like this. I guess a black man with his views is out of sync with the rest of the economy. Also advertisers, I suspect, don't want to be associated with anyone critical of the president.

A lot of people are afraid to criticize the president these days. A junior high school principal refused to let a boy perform a dance skit wearing a rubber mask of Barack Obama.The principal said someone complained. I bet someone did. And I bet I know what his politics are too. He probably told the principal it was racist to mock a black president.

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